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The Croydon Area’s Go-to Scaffolder

2 Brothers Scaffolding offer many different types of scaffold for hire to homeowners and companies in Croydon and all surrounding areas. We’ve run through a few on this page, but for a full list of the types of scaffolding that we construct, visit our dedicated Residential and Commercial scaffold hire pages.

Types of Scaffolding Found in Croydon


The most common form of scaffolding sighted around the Croydon area, supported scaffolding is built from the ground up and used for all sorts of purposes – most commonly, construction and property maintenance. A scaffolder will employ supported scaffolding whenever possible, as it is safe, convenient and cost-effective. As supported scaffolding can be designed in almost any way imaginable, it’s a very versatile scaffold hire solution, whatever you require it for.




A less common type of scaffold for hire is hanging scaffolding. However, it’s essential when dealing with tall residential blocks and commercial properties around Croydon. It is typically suspended from the top of a large building, enabling work to be carried out on its upper levels, which supported scaffolding can’t reach.




This form of scaffolding provides a property or area with temporary shelter from rain, hail and snow. It’s usually built over a construction site, preventing the weather from scuppering ongoing development work, or over a property that requires roof repair. Need a scaffolder to set up a temporary roof in Croydon? Give us a call.




You’d be right to point out that birdcage scaffolding is a form of supported scaffolding. But it fills a different niche to traditional supported scaffolding, which we believe means it warrants its own category. It has a simple design and has one main level to work on, with an access route cutting through the middle. Comprising a maximum of two rows of vertical poles (“standards”), our birdcage scaffold for hire is ideal for working on a ceiling, or one set level of a Croydon building.

Do you require any of the above types of scaffolding erected in or around the Croydon area? Call 01737 213 948 and speak with the scaffold hire specialists at 2 Brothers Scaffolding.