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Quality Scaffold for Hire in Guildford

Serious injury can occur when health and safety measures are neglected on scaffolding. On top of this, you could be breaching government and local legislation (including the Work at Height Regulations 2005) if you invest in our scaffold for hire, then proceed to use it in an unsafe or reckless manner.


So before stepping foot on the structure our scaffold hire company has provided you, take a moment to read through the following safety tips, presented here for the benefit of our Guildford, Surrey and London clients.

The 2 Brothers Guide to Scaffolding Safety


Before carrying out work on scaffolding, it’s important you conduct a thorough risk assessment. Consider any potential hazards within the working environment. This will allow you to take appropriate action to minimise any threat to scaffold users, passers-by and surrounding property.


If it’s your first time making use of our scaffold hire service in Guildford and you’re unsure about what to look out for (e.g overhead power lines, passing foot traffic), don’t hesitate to contact a 2 Brothers scaffolder for advice. Remember, if you’re a trade, commercial or industrial client, it’s not just good practice to carry out a risk assessment, it’s also a legal requirement.




We can’t stress how important this is. Leaving tools or materials lying around on scaffolding is one of the top causes of construction related injuries and fatalities around Guildford and wider Surrey. Ensure that all tools are stored in a designated area when not being used. This will be one of the first things that a scaffolder advises you after setting up your scaffold for hire.


It’s equally vital to ensure that any materials or wet patches that accidently appear on a scaffold are promptly cleaned up, whatever type of scaffold for hire you’ve invested in – even if it’s a small bird cage scaffold, for example. Otherwise, they could be slipped on and a serious accident could occur.




When contractual deadlines are looming, it can be tempting to ramp up the pace and rush toward the finish line. But working at height can be perilous when workers are rushing, and it’s a far wiser idea to work at a constant pace, methodically and efficiently.  You really can’t afford to make mistakes when working at height around Guildford.

If you have any questions regarding scaffolding health and safety, pick up the phone and call us on 01737 213 948