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Quality Residential and Commercial Scaffolding for Leatherhead

2 Brothers Scaffolding has been serving as the Leatherhead area’s local scaffolder for over two and a half decades. Over the course of this period, we’ve perfected the art of erecting scaffold for hire. On this page, we’ve run through a few scaffolding tips and tricks we’ve picked up while working on scaffolding in the Leatherhead area.

5 Scaffolding Tips and Tricks

  1. THOROUGH PLANNING – Before beginning work on erecting scaffolding, a scaffolder should take time to form a thorough, bespoke plan to deal with the contract at hand. Scaffold for hire isn’t one-size-fits-all, and the better tailored a structure is to a client’s needs, the more likely it is that they will be satisfied and willing to recommend a company’s scaffold hire services to friends and family around the Leatherhead area.

  2. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY – Using guard rails, harnesses and a full raft of safety gear is essential when erecting scaffolding around Leatherhead. To neglect the proper gear and precautions could lead to an accident. While workplace accidents are never fun, there are few industries where they’re as deadly as the construction industry. It’s also vital to inspect all the materials you’re going to use ahead of time. A quality scaffold hire company will never purely assume their components are in quality condition.

  3. DON’T FLY SOLO – Even once the bottom layers of the scaffolding have been established, a scaffolder should avoid working on their own. A scaffolder should always have at least one partner working with them, passing up scaffold poles and other needed materials. Not only would it be extremely difficult to scaffold solo, it would also be highly dangerous.

  4. ONE PIECE AT A TIME – Scaffolding should be built level-by-level. Ensure that each level is complete before work begins on the next one. To rush ahead could prove hazardous. If a client has requested a large scaffold for hire, ensure there are sufficient scaffolders on hand to erect it. The job could prove slow and tricky, otherwise.

  5. DO IT BY THE BOOK – Properly erecting scaffolding, whether it’s supported scaffolding for a homeowner in Leatherhead or hanging scaffolding for a company in London, takes time and careful preparation. It may be tempting to cut corners to save time, but this is negligence and extremely risky. Ensure that the scaffold’s base is a metal baseplate secured with a quality length of lumber. All vertical tubes should be plumb, all horizontal components both level and braced, and all fasteners tight-fitting.

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