With most commercial scaffolding projects taking place in busy areas, we also appreciate the necessity of guiding the public’s experience of the site. From the visual appearance and prevention of noise pollution, to providing security fences and barrier systems to assure public safety, we have everything under control.

The same goes for our employees. Every worker at 2 brothers Scaffolding is trained and qualified in best practices and codes of conduct. you can rest assured that we always have the public’s expectations in mind, as well as the needs of the client.

2 brothers Scaffolding has worked at schools across the East of England, each with its own unique needs, yet all requiring a professional, safe and efficient team of specialists to get the job done. We understand that school environments, especially those with very young children, work to strict behavioural parameters. Rest assured, our engineers and ground workers are respectful of this necessity and remain appropriate at all times. In fact, they may even inspire a few pupils to look into a career in the construction industry or STEM sectors.

We also do wide variety of churches therefore another factor that often arises during school and church jobs revolves around the specific premises and grounds. Many schools and churches were built decades ago, with some dating to the Victoria era. The same goes for their surroundings, with trees, fields and outbuildings being equally important in terms of both usage and heritage. We make sure to plan around spaces and objects where possible, agreeing all installations and access routes before as much as a bucket arrives at the site. Only this way can we guarantee 100% peace of mind every time.