Who We Are

Our Company

Like our scaffolding systems, 2 brothers Scaffolding is founded on quality, integrity and consistency. We provide expert services quickly and effectively to customers across Surrey, London and further afield, with multiple projects always in operation.

Safety and efficiency are absolute priorities. From small and simple projects to more complex and impressive structures across the South East, we inspect, assess, fine-tune and monitor every single element of our scaffolding systems, as well as their applications and environments. This way, you know that the system we install is tailored for your site and requirements.

Our Work

Whilst holding contracts with a variety of large building and commercial companies, we put equal focus into executing one-off projects for all manner of customers. Our portfolio includes work for public, Commercial & Residential, we also do a wide range of schools, hospitals and churches throughout Surrey, London and the South East of England with the scope, demands, budgets and set timeframes being incredibly wide-ranging.

We’re here for every type of business and organisation, so whatever your needs, we’re confident that we can deliver a solution smoothly, safely and effectively. By choosing 2 Brothers Scaffolding, you’re assuring that your project receives the highest grade of attention and expertise available.

We’re always happy to discuss options to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, so please do Get in Touch for a friendly chat about your project.

Our People

Our teams of specialists are dedicated to customer satisfaction and understand that every job is different. That’s why we take on projects of all shapes and sizes wherever they may be happening, applying our trademark diligence and versatility everywhere we go.

In order to keep our finger on the pulse of industry updates and consumer trends, our employees undergo regular refresher courses and enhancement in regards to training, qualifications and achievements. This means that 2 brothers Scaffolding always remains fresh, knowledgeable, capable, responsive, and ready to get to work.